Our Solutions

We offer fast, easy-to-use access to information, tools and resources related to drugs, diagnostics, clinical content, billing & coding, expert advice and more - in one convenient place.

We not only offer essential drug information like indication, dosing, and safety information, but we have brought to Physicians Office Resource all of the advanced patient support tools that are spread across brands, pharma companies and the web. ConnectRx offers fast, easy access to:

  • Product Samples
  • Patient Savings: Co-pay Reductions & Vouchers
  • MOA & Disease-state Opinion Leader Videos
  • Interactive Learning Modules
  • Indications & Warnings
  • Monographs
  • ICD 9/10 Codes
  • Clinical Resources
  • And more

Diagnostics & Devices
From our founding, Physicians Office Resource has provided the healthcare community access to a robust, comprehensive listing of the newest, most useful diagnostics, devices, equipment and ancillary services. Every month, tens of thousands of physicians use our Diagnostics & Devices channel to learn about products, compare features and arrange for demos with manufacturers.

Since we launched our lightning-fast CPT code look-up tool in 2011, thousands of healthcare professionals have used the service to check CPT codes, descriptions and CMS rates for their locality. CodeQUICK is inexpensive (just $49.99 per year for unlimited use) and has rapidly become the #1 CPT look-up tool on the market.

We are continually rolling-out compelling features and innovating new on-demand services for physicians, so be sure to register to access all Physicians Office Resource has to offer.